It’s true, Lean meals are leaving us. 

As you may have heard, starting January 2022 we will no longer serve “LEAN” meals. It was a long and hard decision but we had to make room for other new categories. 

Of course, our customers are our top priority so we didn’t want to leave you without any options. Please read through to see which option fits you best. 

  • KETO MENU – If you were selecting “LEAN” meals for low carb reason, we suggest taking a look at the “KETO” menu. These meals are very low carb and you don’t have to be on a Keto diet to enjoy them. These meals are also typically under 450 calories.  
  • CREATE-A-BOWL – You can now switch your subscription to ultimate flexibility. With the Create-A-Bowl subscription you will select the protein and sides for each dish! It’s a little more work but you will get exactly what you want. You could even make your own “LEAN” meals. Also, the create-a-bowl option has been expanded to include many new menu items.  

What happens next?

Make your meal selections or contact us with questions by no later than January 2nd, 2022.

As a default, if you were on a LEAN plan, your subscription will be “unlocked”. This means that on your next selection you will be able to select from all menus (BALANCED, KETO, PLANT-BASED, BREAKFAST)  

If you would like to try the Create-A-Bowl subscription please give us a call and let us know so we can enroll you.  

Thank you and have a very Happy Holiday season.  


Rick Delarosa 

CEO Fitchow